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Stakeholder commitment letter

Stakeholder commitment letter

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  • Time of issue:2024-03-06 15:05:28
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To promote the sustainable development of enterprises and the environment,Firmly establish the policy of "resource conservation, environmental friendliness" and "safety first, prevention first",Pursue economical development,Safe development, clean development and sustainable development,Take the initiative to undertake environmental protection, safety and health social responsibility,Strictly abide by environmental protection and safety laws and regulations,We will fully implement all safety and environmental protection measures,We will earnestly fulfill our responsibility for safety and environmental protection,The company has a special stakeholder commitment。

1.The products provided and the raw materials, production processes and services of the products shall meet (or try to meet) the relevant laws and regulations of the national and local industries on environmental protection;Under the premise of ensuring quality, reduce packaging materials。

2.Excessive pollutants (waste gas, waste water, solid waste, noise, etc.) discharged in the process of production, activities or services should be formulated and measures should be taken to meet the national or local emission standards (there should be significant reduction every year until the standards are met).。

3.In the process of construction (production), priority should be given to the use of non-polluting or less polluting raw materials, construction (production) technology and methods, equipment, etc., shall not be used by the state or local prohibited construction (production) technology, construction (production) equipment。During the construction process, necessary measures should be taken to reduce noise pollution and properly dispose of waste at the construction site。

4.To properly keep inflammable, explosive or toxic and harmful dangerous goods, preventive measures shall be taken to prevent fire, explosion or leakage in the process of storage and transportation, resulting in environmental pollution and safety accidents。

5.In the process of storage and transportation, it should be ensured that the transport vehicle is in good condition, and the exhaust gas, noise and vehicle flushing wastewater emitted by the vehicle should meet the discharge standards stipulated by the State。In the process of transportation, it shall not disturb the lives of other factories and residents near the plant。

6.In order to urge the relevant parties' environmental protection behavior, the company will carry out irregular supervision and inspection on the relevant parties who need to focus on environmental impact. The main contents of the inspection are:

1)Whether it has received complaints from relevant parties due to environmental protection issues;

2)Whether it has been punished by the superior competent department or the environmental protection department for environmental pollution accidents;

3)Whether there are intentional violations of environmental regulations, whether pollutant emissions meet standards, or have been significantly reduced。

The Company will put forward rectification suggestions for the relevant parties that do not meet the requirements. The Company will take corresponding measures to influence the units that do not comply with or refuse to rectify the rectification, may cause serious pollution or have caused major environmental pollution accidents。

In order to ensure a sustainable future for the planet, we look forward to the support and cooperation of all relevant parties in our activities aimed at protecting the environment, and please sign this notification and return it!



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2024February 26

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