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Shandong Mengsixiang Food Co., Ltd. 2023 annual social responsibility report

Shandong Mengsixiang Food Co., Ltd. 2023 annual social responsibility report

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Shandong Mengsixiang Food Co., LTD2023The annual social responsibility report is compiled in accordance with relevant laws and regulations such as the Guidelines for the Preparation of Reports on the Performance of Corporate Social Responsibility, and in combination with the specific situation of the company in the performance of social responsibility。The company adheres to the integrity-based, pioneering and innovative guiding ideology and the values of "return employees, return customers, return shareholders, return society, solid strong enterprise", constantly creating the largest value space for our customers, insisting on high-quality products, preferential prices, excellent service for customers。

I. Company profile

Shandong Mengsixiang Food Co., Ltd. was founded in20071Located in Shandong Xinxian County Luxi Economic Development Zone, the company was founded in1995It was formerly known as Xinxian Longtai Condiment Factory, which has been more than 20 years。Employees from the original more than ten people, developed to248People, which professional R & D team26People, set up13Departmental office。1997In the State Administration for Industry and Commerce in the 30th category of products successfully registered "dream Sixiang" trademark。Through the unremitting efforts of all staff, "Dream Sixiang" brand series products in2006Was awarded the honorary title of "China Famous Brand",200910Was named "Shandong Province famous trademark";201612Won the "Food safety Shandong" food production and processing demonstration enterprise,20197Won the provincial special new small and medium-sized enterprises。2023Through the "National high-tech industry" currently obtained invention patents3Item, utility model patent11Item, appearance patent6Item, software copyright5Item, design copyright1项。The company quickly developed into a leading enterprise in the industry。

  The company takes providing healthy and delicious food as its own responsibility, takes scientific and technological innovation as the means, takes making perfect products as the purpose, adheres to the business philosophy of "safety and health, healthy and delicious, convenient and fast, green and environmental protection", and constantly strengthens the quality and safety supervision of the whole chain of the production process。Focus on the research and development, production and sales of health products such as meal replacement powder, porridge soup and miscellaneous grains。 In the same industry took the lead in obtaining the national industrial production license, and passedISO90012008International quality management system andHACCPFood management system certification。company-owned10万级GMPClean workshop, fully automaticISO90012008Chemical production line, automatic vacuum packaging machine and other advanced equipment and facilities, but also has a professional food research and development room and laboratory for new product development, raw materials and finished products inspection, to ensure product safety and quality reliability。2023Annual electricity consumption1700734kwh1555543.59元。

Second, the company's perfect management system

The company has passed the quality/environment/occupational health and safety/energy management system certification, product quality certification and low-carbon product certification, quality, energy consumption, environmental protection and other indicators are in line with relevant national standards, in the industry advanced level。

公司Adhere to the "quality-oriented, fine management, continuous innovation, continuous improvement" quality policy, established a quality management system, customer as the focus, continuous improvement, to ensure win-win situation。Products and services continue to meet the needs of the market and users, and continue to improve customer satisfaction, with quality products and excellent service to return to society。

The company adheres to the environmental policy of "abiding by laws and regulations, fulfilling social responsibilities, achieving energy conservation and emission reduction standards, and creating green cement", has established an environmental management system, constantly strengthened source prevention and control, and increased the total amount of pollutants to make due contributions to winning the blue sky defense war。

The company adheres to the occupational health and safety policy of "safety first, prevention first, prevention combined, continuous improvement", has established an occupational health and safety management system, constantly deepening safety production, safety service production, production compliance with safety, and strive to build a safe factory。

The company adheres to "compliance with laws and regulations,Improve energy efficiency,Continuous energy conservation and consumption reduction,Develop low-carbon products "energy policy,An energy management system has been established,We will earnestly implement the national policy on energy conservation and consumption reduction,Through continuous technological improvement,Technological innovation,Achieve high yield and low consumption of products,Actively adopt new technologies and new processes,Promote plant energy efficiency management。

The company follows the basic principle of people-oriented, establishes talent, technology, equipment and brand advantages, pursues the consistency of economic benefits, social benefits and environmental benefits and a high sense of social responsibility, and adheres to the harmonious development of enterprises, employees and society2006Was awarded the honorary title of "China Famous Brand",200910Was named "Shandong Province famous trademark";201612Won the "Food safety Shandong" food production and processing demonstration enterprise,20197Won the provincial special new small and medium-sized enterprises。2023Passed the "National High-tech Industry"

3. The Company undertakes corresponding social and economic responsibilities to stakeholders, including employees, customers and relevant partners。

1Protect the interests of employees。The company has formulated a system including recruitment, training, assessment, reward and punishment, treatment, promotion and other aspects according to the requirements of the national Labor Law,Signed the "Labor contract" with employees and earnestly implemented;The company has a complete salary system,Employees enjoy pension, medical, industrial injury, unemployment, maternity and other insurance and housing fund;The company pays attention to staff training,Special training institutions have been set up,A complete training system and training management system have been established,Through learning organization construction,Strive to improve the quality and skills of employees themselves。

The company strictly in accordance with occupational health and safety management standards,Establish a complete occupational health and safety management system,Formulate control measures and emergency plans for important hazard sources and important environmental factors and strictly implement them,Organize safety training for all staff,Raise staff safety awareness,And carry out regular and irregular safety surveys and special inspections,Effectively protect the personal safety of employees。In strict accordance with the requirements of relevant laws and standards, the company regularly conducts physical examinations for employees, and at the same time carries out environmental monitoring and special management of the operation hazard points, fulfilling the responsibility and obligation to protect the health of employees。

The company supports employees to carry out a variety of sports and cultural activities, cultivate the soft power of corporate culture, have the courage to take social responsibility, and fully demonstrate the good image of the enterprise。The company has its own gymnasium to expand extra-curricular activities for employees, and will organize sports meetings every year to enrich the lives of employees。

2Continue to improve product quality。

The company adheres to the strategic policy of "developing enterprises by science and technology",A scientific research center has been set up in Jinan Science Park,A scientific research team formed by domestic and foreign high-end scientific and technological talents,With the help of various advantageous resources in Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences,To undertake the R&D of the group's high-tech projects and the training of high-tech talents,And the headquarters formed a trinity of scientific research system,More strongly promote the development of food。Inject vitality into the rapid development of enterprises。

3The company can consciously maintain the public security, fire protection, traffic, environmental protection and other work in the community, actively participate in the relevant activities held in the local area, and establish a joint security and defense relationship with the local police station and the community, and also actively cooperate with and participate in the social census and other activities carried out by the community, which has been praised by the local government。

4Companies in the pursuit of enterprise development at the same time,Consciously assume social responsibility,Carry forward the spirit of fraternity,Enthusiastic in charity and social welfare undertakings,Continue to participate in poverty alleviation, elderly and orphan relief, disaster relief and medical assistance, benevolence and other activities,And actively create an atmosphere of mutual assistance within the company,Spread charity culture through practical actions,Promote the spirit of charity,Practicing the value of "giving back to society"。

As a Chinese five-color health guide,Refined and advocated the "return to employees, return to customers, return to shareholders, return to society, solid strong enterprise" values,It has made clear the mission of "delivering health" and "doing a century-old enterprise.,Let the people eat assured products "vision;Always put people first,Create a good innovation, learning and integrity and law-abiding enterprise environment,In addition to economic development, we return to society through cultural influence, tax contribution, quality food, public welfare support and other ways,Compose a new era of national health food self-improvement anthem。


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